Throughout my life I have always tried to find a place where I belong. A group, a place, friends. Just something …and I was never really sure what it was.

I think I know where I belong now, and that is right here…right here with my family, in this house, besides my husband and my two daughters. Im a mother and with that belong to the biggest group on earth. A group full of wonderful, mentoring members throughout the world. I have always kind of tried to fit in, a little scared to be myself maybe even and now I realize how wrong that has always been. Finally Im myself. Im a proud mother just living the simple life. I dont feel bad about being a stay at home mum, I’m proud of it, because I get to raise our children. I get to spend every moment with them, the first steps, laughs, tears and giggles. I wouldnt want it any other way….

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A day in black and white

My morning started simpy like this.

 Which means both girls hardly slept, and with that neighter did I. The night time hourse never last long, time for a little relaxation, time to think, time to progress and review tha last day and get ready for the new one. 7’clock was there and we got up. Feeling quite awful a good breakfast was important.

Eggs and bacon was a great choice to gain some strength for this endless seeming day. It gave me a bit of energy, still I could not see color in my world.

Not even our cat(s) seemed to have wanted to get up.

Thanks to my little helpers we somehow made it through a few important chores.

Rather quickly we went upstairs and concentrated on other things, trying to forget my sleepyness and the headache.

The day kept on going. I couldnt see much or enjoy the day much due feeling so sleepy and having this killer headache. Luckily the little one decided to nap. She hasnt been feeling all that great either. A nap was highly needed for all of us. Luckily I got it and my colorful world returned. I thanked my girls for giving me this time to rest. And we saw the beautiful sunshine outside. Grabbed our shoes and off we went… into a world full of beauty,sunshine and colors…

And i guess you are expecting a picture now. Sorry to disappoint. But at this point I did not need my camera anymore. Not becauce I had taken many shots for the 365 already,no simply because I felt good, good about us, happy with the world….

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Good bye 2010, hello 360.. or 2011 !

As the year comes to a close once again I want to take a minute to reflect on the past few motnhs. It has been a crazy busy year but with a family with two young kids, I don’t expect it to be any other way.  In some ways we had to learn to function again as a family. With a new baby and ¾ year old that always wants attention things can be rough sometimes.I’m happy to say that we have  watched our girls closely through the year how they slowly have become friends and not just sisters. At times that seems to be the hardest, make them realize at this young age to be friends but its also the most rewarding.


The house had had its moments with us as well but thankfully to my so caring and talented husband things always seems so work out and the roof hasn’t caved in on us yet J

We have created a new little paradise in our backyard for us and our little angels, where I know we will have much fun throughout the years. We have planted trees together with my parents and brought life to it.




All the work we have put into our house in these two years.. it has proven to be so much more than just work, it is love and just sitting here I can feel the love surrounding me. Its here in our home.


And even though I know the new year will have its hurdles again I’m looking forward to each and every one of them.

Goodbye 2010 and thank you for teaching us the values you brought along. Thank you for the people we got to see and spend time with. The special moments we will hold dearly and forever in our hearts

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